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Curiosity and Compassion

Curiosity and compassion are helpful qualities in growth, development and living a rich, equanimous life.

We can use curiosity to connect with the somatic experience of our bodies and the nature of our thoughts. Kind curiosity allows us to inquire and be with what is happening in the moment with less judgement and resistance.

On our mats, kind curiosity might be inquiring into the feel of our feet in a standing pose and experimenting with the placement of our back foot for a sense of stability. Kind curiosity can help in checking in with the nervous system and experimenting with a slower exhale if feeling agitated.

In our daily lives, curiosity can help us check in with a feeling of irritation or frustration. We can ask, What is happening inside of me? Does this need to be addressed or dealt with, or can I let it be and breath with it?

Compassion is a beautiful foundation for observing and getting curious about our experience.

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