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Mindful Musings

Updated: Apr 29

Welcome to Mindful Musings; reflections on yoga, mindfulness and well-being.

I'm Monica, yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher and meditation mentor. I love spending time in nature, traveling, walking, practicing yoga, lifting weights and meditating.. Let's explore deeper levels of health, well-being and wholeness. in community.

A little is better than none.

It is very easy to get caught up in all or nothing thinking when it comes to practicing yoga, meditation or exercising. You might think, if I don't have 30 minutes or an hour, what's the point?

However, any amount of time spent on healthy practices is worthwhile.

Struggling to squeeze in time to meditate, stretch or exercise?

Can you find five minutes a day? Perhaps five minutes of mindful breathing in your car before heading home after work or five minutes of mindful movement in the morning while you are waiting for your coffee.

What do you want to include more of in your daily life? Give it five minutes a day and let me/us know how it goes!

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